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Every year thousands of dogs are stolen, and the numbers are increasing. Dogs are stolen from houses, gardens, in front of shops, and even when they are being walked. Dog theft can be heartbreaking, because dogs are our family members. As dog owners ourselves we would be devastated if our dog were stolen.

The best protection against theft is when your dog is by your side. Think more than twice before leaving your dog alone. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to take dogs to every place. So dog owners don't always have the chance to keep their dog with them even if they wanted to.

Some argue that it's better to keep the dog at home when you go shopping. However, pet theft occurs in up to 19% of the cases at home: with the thief breaking into your house. Only up to 7% of the cases happen when the owner is shopping. This is why more has to be done to fight dog theft. 

A lockable leash is just one strategy among others to help dog owners. It protects our dogs when we have to leave them outside for a short period of time. 

There have been some ideas for a product that would keep your dog safe. However, none of these products has ever proved safe enough. We developed a new lockable leash and patented it. We are positive that this leash can help to reduce the frightening number of dog thefts. We will be happy to provide one measure that will help to prevent dog theft. 

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