New: Protect your dog
from theft

Hund wird gestohlen
You love shopping and you like to take your dog with you?

What do you usually do if you can’t take your dog with you when you enter a shop? Would you leave him/her waiting outside? Wouldn’t you be afraid that someone might steal the pet you love? We know how you feel, and we know what we can do for you to feel relieved. Lock Your Dog allows you to leave your dog safe outside a store. What is Lock Your Dog? It’s a secure lockable leash!

Three features in one product

Secure your dog
1. Secure your dog

While you’re shopping, the lock protects your dog. You’re staying inside the shop, and your darling is waiting outside, secured by our product.

Walk your dog
2. Walk your dog

While you’re walking through the streets, our product serves as an ordinary leash. The dog’s strolling through the city with you.

Let your dog play on his/her own
3. Let your dog play on his/her own

When you’ve reached a suitable park, you can allow your dog to roam freely. Just remove the leash from the collar, and your darling will have fun exploring the whereabouts.

Three security features

The leash can’t be removed from the case
1. The leash can’t be removed from the case

You can insert the leash into the case. Once you’ve changed the numeric code, the leash can no longer be pulled out: the leash is staying safely in its place. Your dog can’t run off, and a thief can’t remove the leash.

2. Nobody can open the collar

After you’ve activated the lock, nobody can access the button to adjust the collar. It’s therefore impossible for anyone to widen or to remove the collar. As a consequence, no one can tamper with the collar to take your dog away from you.

Nobody can cut either the leash or the collar
3. Nobody can cut either the leash or the collar

Both the collar and the leash are made of soft material that is suitable for dogs and that you’ll love holding in your hand. Its core, however, is made of cut-proof steel. The same steel construction is used by German car manufacturers. You can hence be sure that no one will spontaneously take your pet away from you.

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August 2018.